Cyber Therapy

Cyber-therapy designed to help with anxiety and phobia

New therapy is being developed around virtual Cyber Therapy. CyberPsyc have been building iPhone and iPad Apps to help those with fears and anxiety.

The App uses the principle of ‘graduating exposure therapy’ (slowly building levels of exposure) using computer generated imagery, helping people to overcome their fears in less threatening environments and to practice relaxation techniques while being exposed to potential anxiety triggers in order to help them conquer their fears.

(if you want to cut straight to how this therapy app works, start the video at 4:30)

British Psychology Society's (BPS) Guidance on Video Therapy

8 April 2020

The BPS have issued new guidance for Psychologists working with children and young people around video therapy. This may be useful to read through if you are a parent or carer who has a child or young person in need of some additional mental wellness help – especially if they are not able to see anyone face-to-face and want to know what to expect from the sessions. 

The BPS have also produced some top tips for psychologists who are using video therapy for working alongside clients.