Book Reviews

Issues and Debates in CyberPsychology (Dr Linda Kaye)

Released in January 2022, Issues and Debates in CyberPsychology takes a look at the current debates in CyberPsychology from an academic perspective. 

You can watch Dr Kaye introduce her book in this quick YouTube video. 

Due to be released in January 2022

About the Author:

Dr Linda Kaye specialises in gaming and online behaviour. She is a founding member of the British Psychology Society CyberPsychology Section. She is also a TEDx Speaker and Educator. You can watch her TEDx talk on ‘What Your Emoji Says About You’ below. 

Follow her on Twitter.

The Cyber Effect (Professor Mary Aiken)

Published in 2017, The Cyber Effect is one of the first CyberPsychology books to be written specifically for the general public. 

An inspiring book that everyone should read. It will open your eyes to the potential opportunities and dangers that exist online.

About the Author:

Professor Mary Aiken is a Professor in Forensic Cyberpsychology at UEL. Follow her on Twitter.