Chemistry Check-In

Your first session (referred to as a Chemistry Session) is designed to:

  • help your therapy coach understand more about what your current issues are, and what they are able to help you with
  • help you understand if the therapy coach is the right person to help with your current issues

If you would like to go ahead with a Chemistry Check-in session, please fill in the form at least 24 hours before the session.

Please Note: the information you put into this form is confidential and cannot be viewed by anyone outside of your therapist coach. Before the Chemistry Check-In session, all information you include in this form will be downloaded and saved in a unique folder in a password-protected online vault. 

1. Please complete your Chemistry Session card
Chemistry Session
How would you prefer to be contacted?
What are you needing help with
In Case of Emergency Contact (ICE) - in an extreme case of an emergency
In Case of Emergency Contact (ICE) - in an extreme case of an emergency
* An extreme case of an emergency is deemed as any instance where a life may be in danger, or physical health may be severely compromised.
2. Download and Read: Cybercology Therapy & Coaching Ways of Working

Before attending the Chemistry Session, please download and read the Ways of Working Document. 

The document will give you:

  • background and credentials of your therapy coach
  • how the sessions will be run
  • what to expect from the therapy and coaching
  • what is expected from you within the sessions
  • how to book sessions or packages
  • how payments can be made in advance for any sessions or packages booked
3. We will be in touch to arrange the Chemistry Session

Once you’ve filled in the form, we will be in touch to book in the Chemistry Session. 

What happens after the Chemistry Session?

At the end of the Chemistry Session, the therapy coach will chat through an initial ‘assessment’ of how we may be able to help you and how we may go ahead if you choose to do so. 

Once the session is complete, you will receive an email or message to invite you to set up any further sessions. You are under no obligation to sign up to any further sessions, but have free choice to decide whether or not to progress any further.