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New Shoots with BBC Radio Solent

20 May 2022

In this interview ‘Behavioural Scientist Carolyn Freeman details how technology feeds the ‘always on’ culture for staff and employers’.

5 minute listen

Working Live with BCP Council

9 May 2022

In this episode of the BCP Council sponsored Working Live sessions, Carolyn talks about Wellbeing in the Workplace focussing on how businesses can help employees manage their Work-Life Balance.

Time Stamp: 11:20

You can also watch the video on the Working Live Facebook Page

Questioning Behaviour with Sarah and Merle.

13 February 2022

In this episode of the QB pod, Sarah and Merle meet Carolyn Freeman to talk about how technology affects the way we think, act, work – also known as the field of “Cybercology”. We discuss how working from home and our dependence on technology affects the way we work. Also, Caroyln talks us through the process of “de-slaving” from technology and offers some great tips and tricks to make technology work for us (and not the other way around…)

You can Listen on: YouTube or PodBean.

or you can click on the video below.

PsychReg with Dennis Relogo-Howell

9 February 2022

In this podcast, Carolyn talks with Dennis about CyberPsychology and how knowledge workers can improve how it applies to technology at work and play.

Carolyn Freeman is a behavioural scientist specialising in cyberpsychology. She talks about the trends and applications of CyberPsychology.

You can Listen on YouTube here or click on the video below.

Dorset Growth Hub: 5 Things I Know Now Podcast

January 2022

In a podcast with Rich Burn who asks about the ‘5 Things I Know Now’.

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Dorset Biz News

25 November 2021

Switch off! Separate your home and work life and make technology your slave says Carolyn.

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