Tech @ Work

Everyone’s interpretation of what ‘Workplace’ means, and how technology is used to fulfil a role is bespoke to the individual. 

The insights explored within this site focus on technology use at work and at home amongst knowledge workers (i.e. highly educated employees who use what they and their colleagues know, to as to produce intellectual assets for the organisation that they work for). 

The philosophy of technology use adopted within this site is that of a socio-constructivist view where technology is viewed as neutral and useful only in how the user engages with devices within their own personal technical abilities. It focuses on the dynamic interactions between people and technology and includes how the use of both current and future technology, at home and at work, is socially constructed. 

This differs from a deterministic perspective, where technology is given the agency and ability to change and shape human behaviour. 

The Hybrid Working and ICT Use Model (c)

Additionally, the concepts presented within this site are based on the Hybrid Working Model. This model surmises that there are a number of interlinking factors that impact directly on a workers when engaging with technology for work-based activities. The main factors are Workplace Norms and Expectations; Company Working Practices; Individual Worker Differences and how Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is used by each worker during work and private time. 

Each of these factors will be explored in more detail within blog posts over the coming months.