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Welcome to Cybercology

Where your digital health and wellbeing matters – at work, home and play.​



Working with businesses and teams to develop more productive and effective remote and hybrid working practices.

Coaching Therapy

1-2-1 coaching and therapy to help you get back in control of your digital technology.


Book Carolyn to talk at your in-person or online event or conference.


Pre-designed and bespoke workshops available.

What we strive to do at Cybercology:

  • Share the positive and negative impact of current and new digital technology on the psychology and behaviour of working adults
  • Share academic and research-based insights on how digital technology affects adults in their day-to-day life (at work, home and play)
  • Provide consulting services and deliver talks, workshops and tools to help companies, teams and individuals better manage their digital health and well-being, to:
    • improve productivity, attention and focus at work
    • increase presence at home
    • reduce feelings and experiences of stress, anxiety and burnout, and
    • help develop a more balanced and in-control lifestyle in a gadget dominated era.

There are 8 areas we focus on at Cybercology

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How are CyberPsychology and Cybercology different?

Cyberpsychology (written with a lowercase ‘p’): is the practice and science within the discipline of psychology that focuses on the interaction of current and emerging digital technology and humans, and the impact technology use has on human psychology and behaviour.

On this website, CyberPsychology is written with an uppercase ‘P’, for the simple purpose of visually distinguishing it from the Cybercology brand name. 

CyberPsychology encompasses and merges with almost every other psychology discipline. It differs, however, in that the focus is exclusively on the relationship between digital technology use and human behaviour and psychology across the lifespan. This includes:

  • Mobile technology (laptops, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, headphones and buds…)
  • AI, algorithms and software applications (social media, sports tracking apps, music…)
  • The Internet of Things and networked devices (smart speakers, smart lights, video doorbells, smart meters…)
  • Digital communication and language (emojis, acronyms…)
  • Extended reality (virtual reality, augmented reality, the metaverse…)
  • Gaming (single-player games, arcade games, multiplayer online games…)
  • Remote, hybrid and flexible working
  • Cyborgs and driverless vehicles

There are a number of CyberPsychology experts in the field, that focus on different, and very specific, areas. You can find more about them on the Experts page.

If you are interested in reading more about the field, you can watch videos on the Videos page or find reviews on books on the subject on the Book Reviews page

Cybercology is the brand that specialises in how digital technology use by working adults (at work, at home and at play), impacts on their behaviour and psychology. It also focuses on how adult behaviour and psychology affects their digital technology use.

Although ‘Cybercology’ is a shortening of the word ‘CyberPsychology’, the rationale for the brand name builds into the core interests and focus for the company. Namely: 

  • Cyber-human psychology interaction – focussing on individual psychology and behaviour relating to the use of the internet, digital media and digital technology.
  • Cognitive, neurological changes resulting from digital technology use – particularly around attention, focus, and productivity, including (but not limited to) hormonal / chemical changes affecting physical, emotional and psychological functioning.
  • ology’ refers to ‘the reason and meaning and study’ – in this instance of the neurological, physical, emotional and psychological/behavioural impact of digital technology use.

You can read more about Cybercology’s purpose, vision and mission here.

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