Talks and Events

Talks and Events

If you work with digital technology to get your work done, it is quite likely you have taken on working habits, availability expectations and biases. 

The untethering of digital technology from a fixed landline has meant that travel around with the internet in our pocket and our work at our fingertips – always on, always available.

These talks aim to shine a light on the behaviour and psychology around our workplace digital technology use, so we can take back control of, and build a better work-home-play balance into our lives.

If you have any questions, want to know more or would like an interview on digital mental health or technology use in the workplace, you can connect via social, or click the button below to Get In Touch.

North West Legal Consortium

In person: 3 October2023

Blurring home work boundaries and the burnout epidemic

This talk provided research-based insights on how and why we blur these boundaries, intermingled with practical hints and tips on how to build stronger personal boundaries that reduce stress and anxiety while increasing productivity at work and presence at home. 

Sparck Consultancy

Online: 9 June 2023

Managing the digital technology boundaries between work and home life

An online presentation with the Sparck team to talk through how and why we blur the technological boundaries between work and home life, what the life consequences are and how we can find ways to better manage these boundaries.

This was followed up with 1-2-1 sessions with some team members to help with individual DigiTech boundary-blurring strategies.

London Law Expo

In Person: 24 May 2022

Digital technology is shifting the psychology of how we work

This presentation drew on psychological workplace research both pre and post Covid-19 lockdowns. It highlighted how digital technology impacts us both individually and professionally, how it affects how we do our work, how it impacts our psychological well-being, and what we can do about it. 

Silicon South

In Person Panel Discussion: 24 May 2022

Employee performance and wellbeing

This hybrid event looked at :

  • How to maintain and improve employee wellbeing and productivity through challenging conditions
  • How a sustainability agenda can improve staff engagement
My Little Therapy Box

Pre-recorded online video presentation at the Annual Mental Health Conference: 27 November 2021

How technology impacts our individual well-being

Topics Covered: 

  • What is CyberPsychology
  • The Remote / Hybrid Working Model
  • Workplace Norms
  • Working Parents
  • Busyness and Email Expectations
  • Our Brains are Malleable
  • Embrace Individual Personality Differences
  • Create Boundaries Between Home and Work
  • Use Strategic Technology Layering
  • Create Better Tech Habits in Personal Time
  • Managing Zoom Fatigue
European Legal Security Forum

In Person Panel Discussion: 29 September 2021 (London, UK)

The Convergence of Home And Work / Cyber Hygiene / Humanising Cyber Security. 

Carolyn joined Janet Day and Daniel Demonakis as a panel member talking about: 

  • Which pressure points have been exposed by the remote working regime
  • Lessons learned about security & processes for remote and hybrid working
  • Burnout & Management
  • Moving back into the office – are there extra risks and how do we manage people.