The experts featured in this section have specialised in a particular area within CyberPsychology. 

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AI & Digital Marketing

Digital, social, content and branding

Cyber Security and Human Factors

Human aspects of cyber security

Cyber security and mental wellbeing

Family Technology Use

Educating parents and children about online behaviour and digital technology use.

Health and Wellbeing

How we can use online settings to promote social inclusion and well-being.

How do we communicate online (emoji research)

Mental health and education in the digital age.

Identity, Disclosure and Relationships

Online dating, relationships and attraction.

Inclusion and Support

Social media usage and the resulting impact – including the role of technology within infant feeding decisions.

Risk, Safety, Privacy and Data

Cyberaggression, cyberbullying and online risks.

Adult Digital Technology Use (At Work, Home and Play)

Adult digital technology use including problematic behaviour.

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