Episode 3: Dr Nicola Fox Hamilton

Dr Nicola Fox Hamilton specialises in online dating and relationships, and attraction.

Find out more about her on her website.

In this episode, Nicola tells us about:

  • Who she is and what got her started on the journey into Cyberpsychology.
  • Her Masters, PhD and research into online dating and how we present ourselves online through our dating profiles.
  • How her background in design has influenced her research and the work she does in CyberPsychology.
  • The research she has focussed on with online dating and how we judge other’s personality from their online profile.
  • How the cultural perception of online dating has changed in the last decade, especially since the launch of Tinder and the 2020 Lockdowns.
  • IADT in Ireland as the birthplace of the CyberPsychology Masters programmes and what CyberPsychology educational opportunities IADT offers – both this year and future academic years, in person and online: the Cyberpsychology certificate and 2-year part-time Masters and what criteria are required for each to be considered for entry into the IADT programmes.
  • Her Audible book The Psychology of Online Behaviour (Audible Only)
  • The moral panic and narratives being pushed by some mass media.
  • The role cognitive bias plays in media consumption.
  • The talks, webinars, seminars and media interviews she has done and is available to do, including what she focusses on and how to get in touch with her if you would like her to talk about a specific topic in CyberPsychology.
  • The podcast she is planning on launching in the summer of 2024.
Talks & Workshops

Dr Fox Hamilton is available for media interviews key note speeches, talks, workshops, lectures and panel discussions.

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Bright Club Ireland 26th October 2021.

IADT (Ireland)

Dr Nicola Fox Hamilton is a cyberpsychology researcher, lecturer & Programme Chair at IADT.

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