Episode 4: Prof. Dr. Raakesh Kriplani

Prof. Dr Raakesh Kriplani is a pioneering CyberPsychologist in Pacific Asia, working in therapy, security and training.

Find out more about the work he does on the CIIPS website.

In this episode, Prof. Dr. Raakesh Kriplani tells us about:

  • Who he is, and what got him started on the journey into CyberPsychology.
  • How he started building awareness of CyberPsychology within India and amongst governmental institutions.
  • His background in medicines and biology and how that impacts his perspectives and insights on being a digital human.
  • The certificate course being run at Rashtriya Raksha University.
  • Why the Rashtriya Raksha University is a ‘University of National Importance’.
  • About CIPPS and the rebranding thereof.
  • The work he is doing with mental health counselling including with army recruits.
  • The new project, just approved, on robotic and AI mental health counselling therapy, whether robotic therapy treatment is better than human-therapist counselling and if AI/robots can be empathetic.
  • Having Dr Mary Aiken talk at the launch of the Certificate in CyberPsychology.
  • What his vision is for the CyberPsychology Certificate over the next 5 years and how he sees it making a difference in Asia Pacific.
  • The role the media plays in selling moral panic rather than providing practical help for online behaviour issues – especially regarding differences in generational tech use. • What influences children’s digital tech behaviour.
  • How to help children understand what happens on the internet and how it impacts them.
  • How he plans to achieve his ambitions – especially in training the human resource elements needed to sustain the future growth of CyberPsychology within India.
  • The importance of CyberPsychology both within India and internationally, today and in the future, especially in cybersecurity.
  • The CyberPsychology book he recommends: The Cyber Effect by Mary Aiken, and his book ‘Wired for Wellness’ is available on Amazon India.

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