Digital Work

Digital Work

Always on, always available – how we embrace and manage digital technology in the workplace

There are a number of factors that play into our workplace digital health and wellbeing. Academic research findings can be categorised into a few dynamic topic areas that all intersect and impact each other.

As we are all different, we will be affected to a greater or lesser degree by any one of these areas. However, the main catalyst and consequence of all other factors is how digital technology encourages and enables the blurring of our boundaries between work and home life. For some workers, this can be motivational and for others necessary, but for many this is one of the primary factor that leads to greater levels of stress, anxiety and the potential for burnout. 

Cybercology Work-Home Boundary Blurring Model (c)

Each of the factors above are explained ina bit more detail in each of the topic areas below

Home Dynamics, expectations and responsibilities
Autonomy, flexibility and job control
Presence at home and family impact
Productivity, attention and organisational impact