Digital Future

We need to be able to comprehend and prepare our work and workers for the digital innovations that are going to again radically change: 

  • how we work
  • our work place norms and expectations
  • how we digitally communicate with others around work
  • and the resulting psychological impact and mental wellbeing. 

Digital change is accelerating at a pace, and it is going to continue to revolutionise how we ‘do work’. We will all need to physically and psychologically ‘pivot’ around these changes, or potentially become stuck in the ‘internet age’, rather than move seamlessly into the ‘meta age’. 

Covid and Lockdowns have made us technologically and psychologically different employees now to what we were in February 2020. We have changed how we think about work, behave in work and what we expect from work. 

As businesses and managers, we can no longer psychologically operate in an ‘industrial age’ mindset while employees have already moved on to an ‘internet age’ trajectory, heading rapidly towards a ‘meta-age’ reality. 

We need to set in place cultures and processes that allow for greater levels of autonomy and job control around flexible work practices – which we know decrease stress and anxiety, create an environment for a better work-life balance and increase employee retention. 

If you are prepared for the future of workplace technology, you are less likely to be surprised by it, and more likely to have work processes and people that are able to implement and manage the changes before they actually happen. 

What you do to psychologically and practically prepare for the future of digital technology in the workplace is up to you, but the pivot points are coming. 

Are you ready for the next pivot? 

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