About Cybercology

About Cybercology

Helping you regain control of your work-home-play balance in the age of digital technology. Because your digital health and wellbeing matters.

Our purpose is to ignite a culture shift among those who trade their time and cognitive capacity for income (i.e. knowledge workers). We strive to be a catalyst for cultural change and inspire individual change in how we use our digital technology to communicate and engage with others. In doing so, Cybercology aims to empower individuals to regain control over their work-home-play balance and pursue more fulfilling, contented lives.

Our mission is to cultivate a grassroots movement of empowered workers through the process of unearthing the roots of digitally-enabled workplace stress and anxiety. Through this journey, individuals discover personalised solutions that nurture healthier, more controlled, and sustainable lifestyles, by understanding and addressing the impact digital-enabled work stress and anxiety have on their physical, emotionaland mental energy levels. Through sharing insights and providing tailored solutions, we help individuals achieve healthier, more balanced lifestyles – in a more strategic and sustainable way.

Our vision is to inspire individuals to reclaim their digital autonomy, breaking free from the cycle of work-driven normative and cultural obligations, and communication expectations and demands. We aspire to empower individuals to take back control of their digital technology and to find balance, purpose and satisfaction in a digital age.

At the heart of our values lies the belief that everyone possesses inherent value and potential. We’re dedicated to fostering an ideal where every individual counts.

  • We believe in empowering individuals to take back control of their lives, fostering balance and emotional, cognitive and physical well-being in an increasingly digitally demanding working world. 
  • We recognise that we are all unique individuals, with our own personalities, dreams, goals, responsibility and struggles.
  • We are driven by the desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of knowledge workers, empowering them to take back control of their DigiTech and/to create a better, more sustainable, work-home-play balance.

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