Carolyn Freeman Bio

Qualifications: MSc (Res) CyberPsychology, BSc (Hons) Psychology, NDip Marketing

Title: CyberPsychologist

Carolyn Freeman is a CyberPsychologist who specialises in the impact of workplace technology use on the mental health and wellbeing of adults. 

Having spent 15 years in international corporate marketing and, like so many others, finding herself burnout from working too many hours and chasing too many job demands, she went back to University to study Psychology and CyberPsychology. Her primary aim was to understand the role digital technology plays in influencing the nuances of human behaviour at work, that keeps us glued to our digital technology longer than we know we ought to, and the digital-mediated work and communication expectations that lead to overwork and exhaustion.

Her passion is to share the insights gained from academic and scientific research, with practical ways forward, that empower individuals to optimise their ideal work-home-play balance in order to reduce their stress, anxiety and potential burnout, while simultaneously increasing productivity at work and presence at home.

Carolyn is a consultant, speaker and chief curator at She disseminates content from industry leaders and academic research on the impact of digital technology use in the workplace and provides practical solutions on how to take back control of our digital health and wellbeing at work, home and play. 


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Press Releases

We need to reassess how we manage teams in future hybrid workplaces

23 September 2021

The ever-present use of technology within corporations and the shift to a more hybrid form of work, demands a critical change in management strategy warns behavioural scientist and marketing expert…

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