Book Reviews

Book Reviews

The books reviewed on this site are directly related to one of the eight key areas around the interaction of digital technology and human behaviour and psychology.

These books are recommended reading to give you a bit more insight into the impact of digital technology and human behaviour/psychology. 

A review of some of the books are available (click on the image or the link). 

Digital Work

CEO of Me (Ellen Ernst Kossek)
The Flexibility Paradox (Heejung Chung)
Fully Connected (Julia Hobsbawm)

Digital Home

The Teenage Guide to Life Online (Nicola Morgan)
Screened Out (Carla Brooks Johnston)

Digital Play

Irresistible (Adam Alter)
Man Disconnected (Philip Zimbardo)
iDisorder (Larry Rosen, Ph.D.)
Amusing outselves to death (Neil Postman)

Digital Future

The Meta-Verse (Andrew Ball)
New Dark Age (James Bridle)

Digital Health and Wellbeing

Why We Sleep (Matthew Walker)
Atomic Habits (James Clear)


These books are recommended for those interested in diving deeper into the academic research and theoretical concepts of CyberPsychology.

The Oxford Handbook of Cyberpsychology
Applied Cyberpsychology Alison Attrill & Chris Fullwood)
Cyberpsychology (Alison Attrill)
Psychology of the Ditgital Age (John R. Suler)
An Introduction to Cyberpsychology
Psychology and New Media (Andrew Power and Grainne Kirwan)
Cyberpsychology and the Brain (Thomas D. Parsons)
Cybercognition (Lee Haddington)
The Psychology of Online Behaviour (Nicola Fox Hamilton)