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How To Break Up With Your Phone – Catherine Price

The book starts with an anecdotal account of an ongoing relationship Catherine has with her phone. It is an insightful look into how most of us are with our devices.

Catherine uses the analogue of a human relationship to aptly describe and talk through how we pour our time, attention and energy into our digital devices. An apt analogy – as for many of us, a smartphone has mostly replaced the physical, human relationships we have with others. 

Part 1 of the book outlines many reasons why you should spend less time on your phone.

It also helps you understand what is going on with your brain, hormones and sleep when you use your phone regularly and consistently. 

It is a great set-up for Part 2 that takes you through a day-by-day plan to help break that constant phone habit. 

I regularly advocate that a Digital Detox is normally as effective as another resolution or life goal. It’s all good intentions – and then life gets in the way. 

Catherine Price makes a good point about a Digital Detox giving you an insight into how much our phone is impacting our lives. By stepping away from it for a period of time, we can look up and notice what we’ve given up by looking down at a screen.

Saying we are going to spend less time on our phones is a different concept from going through a structured plan that gives you a step-by-step guide that walks you through the process and helps keep you on track. 

If you have ever thought about doing a ‘Digital Detox’, this book is worth a) reading and b) following the 30-day plan. 

However, my suggestion is to use this as a stepping-stone, not a one-off, into a healthier relationship with your technology. Use it as a way to train yourself on how to manage your day in a more focused, present way – kind of like 30 days of spa treatment for your mind and attention.  

You can get a glimpse into the book through these YouTube videos. 

Her point in the first video, which I also speak about often, is that if we do not pay for the product, we are the product. 

Social media business models are about making money from what you see in the advertising space they sell to the highest bidder. 

By stepping out of that world more often, we become less of a commodity to BigTech and more present in the real world.

About Catherine Price:

Catherine Price is a journalist and author. You can read more about her on her official website here

Her book How to Break Up with Your Phone is one of two she has authored including The Power of Fun