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The Habit Revolution – Dr Gina Cleo

The Habit Revolution is a science-backed approach to how habits are formed, how less desirable habits can be changed and how positive habits can be reinforced. 

The book summary talks about it being ‘Beyond Atomic Habits’. Atomic Habits is a bit more case-study based. The Habit Revolution is more science-based. It is a deeper-dive version of how to change habitual behaviour that takes you into the how and why – helping to reduce the blame and guilt that comes from unhealthy habitual behaviour and providing many more psychological and behavioural tools and techniques to help with positive change.

If you want advice on how to make tiny, manageable, realistic changes that compound into large life-changing habits and behaviour, this book really is a revolution.

Dr Gina Cleo has a number of videos that you can watch on her YouTube channel, which can be found here.

Below is her showreel that gives you a flavour of the information she reveals in the book.

About Dr Gina Cleo:

Dr Ceelo is a leading expert in habit change. You can read more about her and what she does on her website