I know it’s bad but…

If you use digital technology to get your work done, it is quite likely you have many digital devices that you juggle every day to coordinate all your life roles and responsibilities. 

You may feel like you never really switch off, are constantly distracted and have numerous expectations (from all areas of your life) for immediate responses and increased demands on your attention. 

You may even feel like you are losing control of it all and not quite sure how to get it back. 

We make excuses for our digital behaviour and feel guilty when we know we shouldn’t be checking our phones at all hours of the day and hight. WE think the habits we have are bad, but are they. 

The untethering of digital technology from a fixed landline has meant that we travel around with the internet in our pocket and our work at our fingertips – always on, always available.

The media has created an imaginary template of ‘correct’ digital workplace behaviour – based on Industrial Revolution worker mindsets and expectations. This just layers guilt on top of work pressure and stress. 

This talk aims to break the guilty mindsets that these expectations and biases have created around digital technology use for work. 

It takes the audience on a journey through, how we got here and where we are going. It showcases some of the factors that influence how we view our working world. In doing so, each listener is empowered to make better work-based digital technology use, both in and outside of working hours. 

The talk includes practical hints and tips that help individuals and teams to build better work and home life habits, improve digital mental health and well-being and create a better work-home-play balance.

Audience: Professionals and managers

Length: 40 – 60 minutes

Venue: In-person or online

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North West Legal Consortium

In person: 3 October2023

Blurring home work boundaries and the burnout epidemic

"Many thanks indeed for speaking on Tuesday and opening up the day for us in such a positive and informative way.

The informal feedback I have had was that you were well received and that your content was pitched just right - teaching them new things and relating well to their current dilemmas with technology both at work and in their private lives.

I think too that luckily the three main speakers all had topics that aligned nicely - thank you!"

Beryl James

Event Organiser

Sparck Consultancy

Online: 9 June 2023

Managing the digital technology boundaries between work and home life

The talk  was followed up with 1-2-1 sessions with some team members to help with individual DigiTech boundary-blurring strategies.

"You just hacked my brain."

Sparck team member

“I met Carolyn to talk about optimising my productivity. Starting a new role, I wanted to change some of how I had felt in previous jobs and start as I meant to go on. Working full time, often remotely and having two young children I often feel torn, as though I’m not bringing my best self to either work or my family. Carolyn worked through some really practical tips with me, such as setting a timer for bite-sized chunks of focused work and turning off distractions. It’s worked brilliantly!"

Jo Kilcoyne

Sparck design consultant

London Law Expo

In Person: 24 May 2022

Digital technology is shifting the psychology of how we work