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Spark Consultancy – DigiTech Boundaries

Managing the digi-tech boundaries between your work and home life

9 June 2023 (Online) –  updated 12 Sept 2023

A few months ago Carolyn talked through an online presentation to the Sparck team about managing work-home boundaries. The talk covered:

  • how and why we blur the boundaries between work and home life
  • what the life consequences are and
  • how we can find ways to better manage these boundaries. 
On completing the presentation, one team member exclaimed on the video call chat:

"You just hacked my brain."

Sparck team member

The presentation was followed by 1-2-1 sessions with some of the team, who wanted to talk through their personal boundary-blurring strategies and potentially find ways to improve them. This is the testimonial from one of them: 

“I met Carolyn to talk about optimising my productivity. Starting a new role, I wanted to change some of how I had felt in previous jobs and start as I meant to go on. Working full time, often remotely and having two young children I often feel torn, as though I’m not bringing my best self to either work or my family. Carolyn worked through some really practical tips with me, such as setting a timer for bite-sized chunks of focused work and turning off distractions. It’s worked brilliantly!"

Jo Kilcoyne

Sparck design consultant

Mel Galliwade (Sparck Culture Lead) talks about how the presentation fitted into their wellbeing quarter. 

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In the latest Spark blog post Azeem Butt has written a great summation of my talk and provided fabulous feedback on one of the 1-2-1 sessions I conducted with some of the team afterwards.

If you cannot access the blog post, you can read a PDF of it here.

And his LinkedIn post here: 

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