Episode 1: Ruth Guest (Sersha)

Episode 1: Ruth Guest (Sersha)

In this episode, Ruth tells us about:

  • Who she is and what got her started on the CyberPsychology journey.
  • Why she started Sersha.
  • What Sersha is and how it is designed as social media training for pre-teens (to reduce the risk of social media) and to help parents have better conversations with their children about social media.
  • Who she’s looking for to help her test the ‘Beta model’ of her education simulator.
  • Where she is hoping to take Sersha in the near future (watch out for the September 2024 launch of the next stage).
  • What her favourite (and recommended reading) CyberPsychology books are.
What the acronyms mean:
  • IADT: Institute of Art, Design and Technology (Dublin, Ireland)
  • MVP: Minimum Viable Product
  • TAM: Technology Acceptance Model (the older we are, the less likely we are to accept technology)
  • CMC: Computer-mediated communication (how we communicate online)
Production Caveat:

I am not a journalist, media personality or producer by trade or training. I am a psychologist who used to do corporate marketing.

So, please forgive me the current not-so-professional nature of the videos. I’m hoping the value of the information shared will overshadow the less than glossy nature of the production you watch.

The quality should improve with time and practice.

Do you have any CyberPsychology related questions?

If so, please get in touch. I will do my best to either answer your questions or find another expert who hopefully can. Use any of these options to send through your questions.

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