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Issues and Debates in CyberPsychology – Dr Linda Kaye

Released in January 2022, Issues and Debates in CyberPsychology takes a look at the current debates in CyberPsychology from an academic perspective. In her book, Dr Kaye gives a thorough overview of the concepts and discusses the current narratives around CyberPsychology. 

If you are new to CyberPsychology, or thinking about the discipline as a career choice, this book is more than a must-have for your bookshelf, it is a must-read as a great entry-point into a deeper understanding.

You can download a sample of the book that includes the introduction and the first few pages of Chapter 2. You can also watch Dr Kaye introduce her book in this quick YouTube video. 

Watch the remainder of her chapter videos directly on her website page

You can also watch a video of a recent interview Dr Kaye did with Chris from ‘Psyched’ talking about her new book.

About Linda Kaye:

Dr Linda Kaye specialises in gaming and online behaviour. She is a founding member of the British Psychology Society CyberPsychology Section. She is also a TEDx Speaker and Educator.

You can watch her TEDx talk on ‘What Your Emoji Says About You’ within her expert profile and you can follow her on Twitter.