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iGen – Jean M. Twenge

iGen is that latest in a series of books Jean Twenge has written based on her decades of research into generational differences and the impact of technology on younger generations.  

Her iGen book outlines her most recent findings on the younger generation having grown up as ‘Digital Natives’. Like the interpretation of any research results, she makes some insightful links between the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and the behaviours and mental health of the younger generation. 

Although there are a number of critics of the conclusions she draws from her research, there are stem startling warning bells we should all take note off to some degree.

About Jean Twengi:

Jean Twenge is a professor of psychology based at San Diego State University in the USA. She is a leading expert and researcher on how technology is changing the way children and teens are behaving in addition to generational behaviour and childhood development. She has a number of concerns about the adults of the future. 

She has written a number of books including: 

  • iGen
  • Generation Me
  • The Narcissism Epidemic

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