Dr Beth T. Bell – Mental Health and Education in the Digital Age

Lecturer in Mental Health and Wellbeing in Education

University of York


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Main CyberPsychology Expertise:

Mental Health and Education in the Digital Age

Consultant Expertise:
  • Dr Bell’s research expertise lies in youth wellbeing and mental health in the digital age.
  • More specifically, she adopts a mixed-methods interdisciplinary approach to understanding the risks and opportunities afforded by digital media and technologies in relation to youth wellbeing and mental health.
  • A second strand of her research involves the co-design, development and evaluation of psychological interventions delivered in educational and technological settings.
Media Articles
The dark side of Strava: What happens when users lose control

Applications can have unintended consequences that reach beyond what they were originally created for. 

In this article Dr Bell contributes to a discussion on the downsides of applications like Strava, saying that using these apps can make ‘these people feel demotivated and stops them from engaging in physical activity.’

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