Cyberbullying and online safety interventions in schools.

Dr Maša Popovac

Cyberaggression, Cyberbullying and Online Risks. Online safety interventions in schools.

Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Buckingham (UK) 

Read Maša’s latest op-ed for Apolitical on ‘4 ways to end cyberbullying – without quitting the internet’.

Research by Dr Popovac on Gaming, published in August 2020, ‘suggests that gaming can play an important role in dealing with life difficulties’ or helping to distract from them. You can request a the full text through Research Gate here.

CyberPsychology & Marketing Consulting

Jing Reilly (MSc, MA)

Psychology of:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Online Branding

B2B marketer with over a decade of experience working for international high-tech companies including Facebook and IBM.

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Technology Use in the Workplace

Carolyn Freeman (MSc, BSc)

CyberPsychologist pursuing insights into how technological innovation will impact commercial, professional, personal and socio-cultural behaviour in the future.