Experts in CyberPsychology

The experts featured in this section have specialised in a particular area within CyberPsychology.

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The research highlighted in each profile is relevant to how technology impacts the psychology and behaviour of knowledge workers either within the working environment or at home. A synopsis of areas of research outside of this, in addition to links to their website or social media profile pages are provided within each profile. 

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Jing Reilly: Digital, Social, Content and Branding

Dr John Blythe: Human Aspects of CyberSecurity

Dr Linda K Kaye: How we can use online settings to promote social inclusion and well-being.

Dr Lisa J Orchard: Social media usage and the resulting impact – including the role of technology within infant feeding decisions.

Dr Maša PopovacCyberaggression, Cyberbullying and Online Risks.

Carolyn Freeman: Remote & Hybrid Working, Technology Related Stress & Anxiety in the Workplace