Dr Lisa J Orchard – Social Media Usage and Resulting Impact

Senior Lecturer

@ University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Dr Orchard is also: 

  • MSc Cyberpsychology Course Leader
  • Co-Lead, Cyberpsychology Research at The University of Wolverhampton (CRUW) Research Cluster
  • BPS Hon. Secretary Cyberpsychology Section

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Main CyberPsychology Expertise:

Social Media Usage and the Resulting Impact

Other Specialisations

The role of technology within infant feeding decisions

Personality and online behaviour

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Videos and Podcasts
Social Media in Covid-19 (26 March 2022)

The interview covers:

  • A discussion around social media use through Covid-19, and potential benefits and areas of risk.
Breastfeeding and the role of Social Media (2021)

This video is an infographic summary of research findings, focussed specifically on how we can best use social media to facilitate breastfeeding support and information.

Research Articles
Workplace Technology Research
24 March 2020

Active Social Media in Covid-19

This paper includes suggestions for positive social media use within Covid-19 Lockdowns.

Other Technology Research

A systematic review exploring the impact of social media on breastfeeding practices

A systematic review of literature exploring the role of social media within breastfeeding practices.

Books or Chapters Published
Book: The Oxford Handbook of Cyberpsychology

(Chapter) Uses and Gratifications of Social Media: Who Uses It and Why?

The chapter on Social Media is a theoretical look at why people may be drawn to social media and how our individual differences may drive this usage.

Chapter Abstract taken directly from Oxford Handbooks Online Page:

Social media is built upon user-generated content and interactivity between users. Understanding the users within social media is therefore imperative to understanding how social media itself functions. This chapter explores the users of social media in more detail and asks the two key questions of who uses social media, and why they do so. When looking towards past research for inspiration as a way to understand user interest towards media, the Uses and Gratifications model stands out as a key approach for exploring media uptake. Therefore, the chapter starts by focusing on the Uses and Gratifications framework and how it can be used to explain why individuals are drawn to social media. The framework is then expanded to discuss how individuals’ personal needs, in particular personality, can impact upon such motivations.