About Carolyn

I am passionate about people and helping them to find a way forward.

I spent 15 years in corporate marketing, so understand (first-hand) the impact that stress, anxiety and burnout can have – both on a day-to-day and a longer-term basis. I know how difficult it can be to manage increasing expectations plus juggling multiple projects with expanding workloads. I have experienced the norms, behaviours and beliefs that are ingrained in workplace culture. Although I loved my job, I knew that the workload, stress and pressure would take a toll in the long term. So, I left corporate and when back to University to retrain as a Psychologist. My aim was to help others (like me) to better manage and cope with work and life in an ever-increasing fast-paced and digital world.

My background and experience in corporate, along with my training in therapy, coaching and mentoring have led me to help those who struggle with work-based stress and anxiety. Because I know that your struggles (although the same as others in many ways) are unique and nuanced for you, my aim is to work with you to understand what got you to where you are now (the therapy side of things) and how to move forward in a constructive and empowered way (the coaching/mentoring side of things)

The coaching tool I use is the GROW model, and my therapeutic approach is a person-centred one. The combination of coaching and therapy allows me to put you at the centre of the session, giving an individualistic approach that equips you to find a way forward. Sessions are all done online and last for 60 minutes. They can be booked as individual sessions or as a course of 6 sessions. Dates and times of sessions are conducted in whichever video platform you feel most comfortable using.


Carolyn Freeman (GBPsS, MSc, BSc)


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* MSc (Research) CyberPsychology: University of Buckingham

* BSc (Hons) Psychology: Open University UK

* Certificate in Counselling: Iron Mill College Exeter


* Psychology Today Member (452094)

* Therapy Tribe Member

* Dorset Counsellors Member