Extended Reality

Apple’s launching their own version of AR Headset

Apple are set to launch a new Augmented Reality headset. Is this the future of personal technology that will replace the iPhone & Smartwatch? I suspect it is.

The current wearing of facemasks and face shields is already conditioning us to be more comfortable wearing a ‘barrier’ between us and the ‘real world’. This could be where Google glasses failed – a future technology introduced too early in our socio-cultural behavioural evolution.

The World Economic Forum (as part of their Behavioural Sciences sub-agenda), have included ‘Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality’ within the ‘Technology, Digitisation and Behaviour’ category – so it is obviously something that they consider important to how we will integrate technology into our behaviour in the future.

It will be interesting to see if Apple can develop (as they always do) a much smarter, more consumer-friendly and less cumbersome device than Microsoft have with their Hololens. If they do, we could see a major shift in the acceptance of AR & VR into our everyday lives.