Personal Tech Use

How do your tech habits compare to the average UK person?

When I first tell people what I do, they seem to have an interesting need to launch into a series of guilt-like confessions about their technology use, probably because we all feel some level of guilt over the amount of time we spend in front of our screens – because, somehow, we know doing so has changed and affected us. 

So, to get you to think about a few ways you use technology, here are a few questions for you to answer and compare with the average UK user. 

80% of people report having their mobile phone with them for all by 2 hours of the working day.

Most of us tend to check our phones just before we go to sleep at night and again first thing in the morning – even before going to the toilet.

On average, we check our phones around 100 times a day (you can double this number for 16 – 24-year-olds)). That is equal to about every 10 mins. This has increased by 20% since the beginning of Lockdown 1.

Most people leave notifications on and check them within 30 secs of receipt – regardless of the source.

People use the internet for an average of 4h 25m every day.

We spend around 2h 25m on social media, on average, every day.

That is more time than what we spend eating and drinking.