Cyber Security

When Cyber Security meets CyberPsychology

Cyber Security is not the same as CyberPsychology. It is similar to comparing someone who helps you physically set up home security and someone who seeks to understand why you don’t turn that security on when you leave the house. 

In a recent webinar, one of our Cyber Experts Dr John Blythe joins three of the collaborators of the latest whitepaper on Human Factors in Cyber Security. The video is a playback of the webinar.

If you want to access a copy of the white paper to read, you can find it on the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors website.

The webinar playback showcases a recorded video summary of the white paper and also contains a Q&A session with the three panellists. It provides a value insight, for those involved in Cyber Security within organisations, as to the human factors that have been and continue to affect companies in a remote and hybrid working environment.