Hybrid, Remote & Flexible Work

Hybrid work may discriminate against those constantly given lower-value and non-promotable work

Do you seem to take on more of the ‘office housework’ than others in your team? An interesting article in the Guardian highlighting a few points from the book ‘The No Club’, showcases how women tend to take on more admin type work within a team. They find it hard to say ‘no’ because they are expected to work on low-value assignments & non-promotable work.

This seems to be exacerbated by hybrid working where women are no longer seen at their desks. If asked to do less meaningful work, they may not produce as much value-added work as others within their team (regardless of gender).

The solution offered by one of the authors is to systematically distribute necessary but non-promotable work across all team members, have a random or rota-system or delegate these tasks across the team.

If productivity in hybrid working is about output, rather than hours in the office, then leaders need to make sure that all team members share an equal level of productive and non-productive work.