AI's Echo Chamber

Merely being able to see the bias, doesn’t protect you from the bias

The title of this post is a direct quote taken from an interview with Dr. Robert Epstein, a Senior Research Psychologist on The Epoch Times TV channel.  

If you were ever wondering how much our opinions are being influenced by ‘Big Tech’, this is worth watching. Dr Epstein has spent the last decade conducting scientific research on the effects of bias in search engines (particularly Google). An interesting quote at 1:04:12 ‘merely being able to see the bias, doesn’t necessarily protect you from the bias’.

We can make changes to our own tech habits and behaviour, but we do need to do something about changing regulations around how tech influences our behaviour. If they can change our behaviour for our good, that is one thing, but changing our behaviour in a socially and personally detrimental way, we need to do something about it.

We are all at risk, no matter our age.

If you are interested, you can read more about the work done by Dr. Epstein here.