Individual Differences and Impact

Technology use and personality type

According to research, some personality types are more prone to certain technology use behaviours e.g. those who have a higher neurotic personality trait can become fixated a little more on checking and responding to emails and messages from work on a regular basis, even during private time.

They may also tend to worry about the message itself, how to fix the situation or what the person who sent the message thought about them, and what impact this may have on their job.

They will often keep on checking emails and messages for a response to the last message sent because they worry about it until they get the response.

Hints and Tips:

If you are a bit like this, it could be worth not uploading work emails to your mobile device and switching your computer off at the end of the workday. Keeping emails on your computer and having to switch your computer on after hours in order to access emails – means you are slightly less likely to look at and engage with them after hours.

Have a separate work and personal mobile. This way, you can switch your work phone off at the end of the day.

Have an easily accessible workbook that you can jot down things that you forgot you need to do the next day. Try not to be tempted to turn your computer on, or pick up your mobile to quickly make a note. It’s all too easy for that to turn into a 3-hour work session that takes you away from your family or from your own recovery.