Lessons from Lockdown – Boundaries

Lessons from Lockdown – Boundaries

Boundaries between work and home

Work and home boundaries were abandoned during the first lockdown with both life realms being geographically merged for the first time for most.

Since then, we’ve adjusted our boundaries and had time to figure out what does or doesn’t work for us. We’ve also had time to shift our perspectives on what is possible and optimal for us and our teams, in a way that can give us the benefits of being fully in-office, hybrid or fully remote. 

However we work, what is important is having a psychological boundary between work and home tasks. We need to have a strategic work-life balance strategy that dedicates chunks of time outside of work to people and activities that aren’t work related and switching off workplace tech during private time. 

Everyone’s definition of what a good work-life balance is can be fundamentally different. But, having a personal work-life balance strategy that allows for cognitive energy recovery time is essential to being a more effective, productive worker because cognitive recovery directly impacts thinking skills, memory, stress levels and mental health.